Note: The downloaded version of this game looks much nicer than the webpage version!

You are stuck inside a ship probably (it doesn't really look like one) and you somehow have access to the ships main power but not anything else for some reason. Will you escape? Play to find out..

This was my third game jam, second time scripting in unity and first ludum dare thingy. The theme was "running out of power" and I kind of streatched it a bit into "toggling power" but hey ho! I think it turned out fairly interesting, tell me what you think!


Arrow Keys to move (Please dont use wasd because then you can't jump, still improving!)

Space to toggle the ships power and "Float" TM

P to pause

ESC to quit game or exit fullscreen mode in webgl

Did a bug fix on the game, the spikes in one level didn't work because I forgot to check a box, seeing as spikes are the main obstical and the game is peas without it I'd say it's gamebreaking for them not to work so I think it's allowed!

Game created using unity, aseprite, tiled, tiled2unity and sfxr.

Not sure if this works on apple or linux but the unity build window assured me it did, please tell me if that's wrong!

Dropbox was being rubbish so I uploaded the source code here, may move it to dropbox later!

Install instructions

Unzip and doubble click

Must have an unzip program and unity player.


Download 12 MB
Download 7 MB